About the English Cocker Spaniel

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We have found the Cocker Spaniel to be an ideal family pet who is equally at home running at full speed seemingly all day whilst going for a walk or just as happy to curl-up next to you and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of the fire! Of course their size also make them ideally suited for:

a) sitting on your lap

b) fitting easily into the car.

Although extremely loyal and loving the Cocker should not be thought of as a lap-dog but a lively inquisitive intelligent and strong companion who is capable of doing whatever you ask - long distance rambles, leisurely strolls or a lazy day in - all making for what we consider the ideal pet.

Dictionary definition:
Cocker Spaniel

one of a breed of small spaniels having a flat or slightly waved, soft, dense coat of any of several colours.